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Boquerones - White Anchovies From Benfumat

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Price: $11.95
Item Number: AN-01
Fresh from the Cantabrian Sea, these famous white anchovies are lightly cured in a brine of sea salt, white wine vinegar, and garlic. Unlike most other anchovies, boquerones are neither excessively fishy nor salty, making them ideal for eating as a snack or tapas. They are renowned for their delicate flavor and best served with crusty bread and olives. On top of their wonderful flavor, boquerones are an excellent source of Omega 3 oils.

Benfumat - Boquerones

$11.95 Each - (130g net weight - 100g drained weight)

Product Reviews

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A rare treat
Fred Stopper (Philadelphia, PA) 8/21/2010 1:38 PM
These white anchovies are a unique taste treat, totally unlike oil or salt packed anchovies. They can be enjoyed alone, on a salad, as part of an antipasto tray, but especially good as a Tapas menu item. They pair well with other seafood like crab or smoked salmon, also with marinated vegetables.