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Bucheron Goat

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Price: $15.98
Item Number: FR-134
Bucheron Goat Cheese is soft, but semi-firm in texture. This cheese when young provides a mild flavor that becomes sharper as it matures. It is a good cheese for salads or for snacking.
$15.98 per lb
Bucheron Wheel Size: 3lb

When nothing else but goat cheese will do, think Bucheron from the Loire Valley. The French are experts when it comes to crafting this elegant cheese, which can be used in a wide variety of ways, from casual salads and snacks, to sophisticated conglomerations of cheese for special-occasion cocktail parties.

Bucheron’s mild flavor becomes sharper as it ages, so be sure to check the age when making your purchase. Pair this semi-soft cheese with nutty, whole-grain crackers, grapes, and crusty breads, or sprinkle it over a salad of spinach, bacon and walnuts, dressed with raspberry vinaigrette. In a pinch, Bucheron makes a quick, satisfying snack when eaten on its own, with a warming cup of hearty black tea on a blustery winter afternoon.

Champagne, or other sparkling white wines bring out the bright, almost citrusy flavors of a young Bucheron. Try pairing sweeter wines such as Riesling or Vouvray to compliment a more mature iteration of this creamy, buttery-textured delicacy.

Ideal Cheese is your source for exceptional Bucheron cheese direct from the Loire Valley.

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Bucheron Goat Cheese !
Jack (Michigan) 7/26/2010 8:03 PM
This goat cheese is good for many purposes. I use it on salads, and on cheese boards, and any leftovers go into my Sunday morning egg omelette. We like bucheron because it has a creamy outside by the rind and a more "dry" texture in the middle. As usual Ideal Cheese delivers great product and service !