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Cirone - 2 Year Old

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Price: $32.98
Item Number: SWIT-136
A super hard cheese from Switzerland. Aged for a minimum of 2 years, it has heaps of powerful flavor. Can be used like a Parmesan but is not too hard to take pride of place on a cheeseboard. The Cirone is matured for 12 months in a stone cellar. After for another 12 months is a Cirone-cellar. After 24 months the cheese is ready, it is in it's best shape and age.

Jumi is a small family company from Switzerland. The father Urs Glauser has small dairies in Oberhünigen and Steinen, son Christoph Glauser has a dairy in Zäziwil and uncle Peter Glauser has a cheese production in Belp. All these different dairies are placed in the Emmental a small region near Berne the capital of Switzerland. At all these places we are producing a big range of different and good matured cheese.

$32.98 / lb
Cirone Wheel Size: 15#

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