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Chateau d'Estoblon - Table Duet

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Price: $46.95
Item Number: SP-OL140

Chateau d'Estoblon - Table Duet - Great Holiday Gift.

A unique duo, oil & wine vinegar.


Single-varietal VIRGIN EXTRA olive oils.


Harvest: hand-picked in early November.


Pressing: first cold pressed and filtered.


Preservation: stored in stainless steel, nitrogen-flushed temperature-controlled tanks.


Contents: 100 ml spray bottle + white case.

Made with organically grown grapes.

The red wine vinegar selected by Château d’Estoublon is produced using organically grown grapes. Unlike traditional vinegars, it contains no preservative, no stabiliser and no added sulphite. Its exceptional taste is the result of fermentation in wooden barrels. It is ideal for seasoning, marinating, pickling, and delaying the browning of cut fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, it is one of the few condiments that are naturally low in calories. It is also one of the best condiments for bringing out and enhancing the flavours of food.

$46.95 Each.

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