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Cipriani Bellini Mix

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Price: $13.95
Item Number: SP-230
In 1931 Guiseppe Cipriani and Harry Pickering opened the now famous Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy, and created the wonderful peach and sparkling wine cocktail known as the Bellini.
Recreate the Harry's Bar experience in your own home with the Cipriani Bellini mix. Enjoy!
$13.95 Each - 4 Pack
6.08 fl bottle.

A selection of recipes for you to try!
Bellini Clasico
3/4 measure of Bellini Base, 1/4 measure of Sparkling Wine or Champagne - Serve Cold!

 Sweet Annie
3/4 measure of Bellini Base, 1/4 mesaure of Vodka, 3 Ice Cubes and an Orange Slice - Serve Cold!

 Sweet Maggie
3/4 measure of Bellini Base, 1/4 measure of Rum, 3 Ice Cubes, one Orange Slice and a couple sprigs of Fresh Mint - Serve Cold!

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