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Price: $5.95
Item Number: FR-140
So many uses for this versatile goats milk cheese. As close as you are going to get to an "AOC crotting de Chavignol" in the U.S. Pascal Jacquin put a lot of effort into this cheese so that it can be enjoyed from young, for salads And crostini, to old, for grating. Crottin de Champcol is made in the Loire around Sancerre and Berry, and is named for the Tiny village of Champcol. Crotin in French means horse or mule dung. Not a particularly appetizing description but nonetheless A rich a flavorful cheese. Crottin Jacquin are produced in Berry, near Cher. After 2 weeks of affinage the rind begins to Take on the molds that define this cheese and after 4 months it will be gradable and still very tasty. With age, the rind Thickens with mold while the interior begins to transform from the outside in. Distinct age layers are seen throughout this Process. The flavor will be complex, grassy and nutty with a great salty balance. The rind, except when young, should always Have mottled blue, white and gray mold. For serving, simply dust off the excess and then dig in. They may be ugly but they are Worth it!
$5.95 each, 4 oz each

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