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L'edel de Cleron

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Price: $23.98
Item Number: FR-143
L'Edel de Cleron (lay-DELL duh clair-OHN), a pasteurized-milk version of the acclaimed Vacherin Mont d'Or from France and Switzerland and produced in the same part of eastern France, the Franche-Comte.

It has a Brie-like bloomy rind when young and is wrapped with a a strip of spruce bark around its perimeter to support the cheese, which turns deliciously runny when ripe. The mild and milky flavored paste is creamy, moist, and spreadable without being too salty and as you approach the perimeter, the aroma becomes more woodsy, and piney due to the spruce bark.

Pinot Noir works with l'Edel de Cleron when young and when it's ultra-ripe; then an Alsatian Riesling or Pinot Gris would likely be a better match.

$23.98 per lb

L'Edel de Cleron Wheel Size: 4 lbs

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