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Price: $10.95
Item Number: FR-123
This is not the Munster with which most Americans are familiar.  Alsatian Munster is another animal all together. Munster is virtually the only regional cheese native to Alsace. It has a very pronounced, powerful aroma that is oddly reminiscent of fried eggs. Munster is smelly due to its washed rind. Cheeses such as Munster, Livarot, Pont L’Eveque, Taleggio, and Limburger are referred to as washed-rind cheeses. They are rubbed by hand with a cloth moistened by a brine solution of rock salt and water. This solution encourages the growth of the bacteria that give these cheeses their characteristically strong flavors and smells, while inhibiting the growth of mold. These cheeses have “red” rinds, which are actually closer to orange in color. Many cheese connoisseurs relish these cheeses, but they are certainly not for the timid. Their depth of flavor and character is difficult to match, and once you develop a taste for them they will surely rank among your favorites.
$10.95 Each
Alsatian Munster Wheel Size - 6oz mini wheels

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