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Raclette - Raw Milk - Valdor

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Price: $29.98
Item Number: SW-120
VALDOR Raclette Cheese -
This Val de Bagnes cheese has kept its authentic character. It is famous for its flavour and aromas. It remains the only raclette cheese made of raw, whole cow's milk in Switzerland. Maturing : 3 months
Enjoy this classic Raclette cheese from Switzerland made with raw milk, which gives its more flavor than our "classic" raclette.

Simply put Raclette is the ultimate melting cheese!
$29.98 per pound
Valdor Raclette - Raw Milk Wheel Size - 11 lbs

So having a Raclette Party and need to know how much cheese or order ?
We recommend 1/2 pound of cheese per person for a main meal & 1/4 pound of cheese per person for an appetizer.

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Product Reviews

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Valdor cheese the Best from the mountaines "Valaisan"
Sonja H. (Morris Plains, NJ) 11/13/2013 12:53 PM
This raclette cheese from the canton Valais is one of the best from Switzerland. it's creamy, aromatic, savoury,uniquely fresh, non-greasy than others. Just give it a try - you will be thrilled - a real treat. Information: The best raclette cheese are from the origin villages "Bagnes", "Gomser", "Couches", "Orsier"