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Reading Raclette

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Price: $19.98
Item Number: USA-230
Reading Raclette is aged at least three months in the aging room. The same care and nurturing given to Tarentaise is also given to the Raclette. Wheels average between 15 and 18 pounds.  Reading Raclette is a great compliment to our award winning Tarentaise and will allow Spring Brook Farm to offer another excellent cheese to our customers and move a step further in the support of the Farms For City Kids Foundation.
Raw cow's milk, aged over 3 months.  No preservitives, synthetic flavores or additives.
A washed rind, semi soft cheese, with a creamy, nutty flavor.
Pairs well with IPA's and lighter beers, fruity white wines, Rieslings, and Seyval Blanc.
Recent Awards - 2011 Silver Medal - North America Jersey Cheese Awards, Wisconsin.
$19.98 / lb
Reading Raclette: Wheel Size 15 lbs

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