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Price: $18.95
Item Number: ITA-130
Traditional fresh cheeses of the Piedmont region in Italy often combine milk types to produce beautifully complex delicacies that send taste buds into a new dimension.


Award-winning Rocchetta by Caseificio dell Alta Langa is a skillful combination of exactly 33% cow, 33% sheep and 33% goat milk.  Caseificio uses only antibiotic-free milk from certified farms and their careful, precise low-temperature pasteurization and ripening process synthesizes the milks into an extraordinarily unique cheese where no one milk dominates.  Instead Rocchetta it is a perfect blend of rich, creaminess from the cow’s milk with exactly the right goaty tang and a lovely slightly salty sheep’s milk finish.


Characterized by its distinct, nuanced earthy, wild mushroom flavor and aroma, Rocchetta’s delicate, straw-colored bloomy rind contains a semi-soft interior that becomes silky-smooth and fluffy, cheesecake-like when brought to room temperature – the only way to fully enjoy this exquisite, impressive cheese.


It is a rare cheese that can compliment such a wide range of food and wine so well but Rocchetta’s compelling, complex flavor will deliver.

$18.95 each
Alta Langa Rocchetta Wheel Size: 10oz

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