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You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. We can ship products anywhere in the United States using Federal Express.  Our shipping charges are determined by the total weight and the destination of shipment.
We ship packages out Monday through Friday. The transit times below are for deliveries within the continental United States.  The exact delivery time may vary depending on your specific location.  While rare, inclement weather and other factors beyond the control of either FedEx or Ideal Cheese Shop may impact delivery times.  If you are shipping out of, into or through an area of the country with bad weather, we recommend considering potential delays when selecting your shipping method.

We offer the following shipping options:

* 2 Day: 2 business days delivered by 7:00pm
* Priority Overnight: 1 business day delivered by 12:00pm
* Priority Overnight with Saturday Delivery: For shipments made on Friday for delivery on Saturday by 12:00am Please call us at 800-382-0109 for this option, as not all locations ship for Saturday delivery.

For perishable products, we may require that your order be shipped using a specific type of service.  If the product is very perishable or if the weather is particularly warm, we may require overnight shipping.

Notes About Our Shipping Schedule
It is our goal to process all orders received before noon that same day. For orders placed on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before noon, we will pack and ship all packages regardless of selected shipping option. If you have placed your order after noon on Wednesday and are using Fed Ex 2 Day, we will do our best to get the package out on Wednesday, but it may ship on the following Monday. For those orders received after noon on Wednesday with 2 day shipping, the order will likely be shipped on Monday. Similarly, if you've placed your order after noon on Thursday with any service other than priority overnight, your order will likely be shipped on the following Monday.

If you absolutely need your order before the weekend, you'd do well to call us at (800)382-0109 to discuss shipping options.

Shipping Cheese
Shipping cheese is unlike shipping a bottle of olive oil or a box of cookies, and to insure that it arrives in the same palatable condition it was in when it left us, we take a few simple precautions. We wrap your cheese in plastic wrap and foil. We package your cheese in an insulated box with cold packs sufficient to enure that your cheese arrives in the right environment. If the ultimate destination of your cheese is unusually warm we may insist that your package be shipped overnight.

Some of our more perishable products may require one of our expedited shipping methods (especially if shipped during warm weather or to a warm destination).  So please use your best discretion when selecting your shipping option.
Selecting your Products
We gather the products in your order as soon as possible after recieving your order but not too far in advance of the ship date if your order includes perishable items. If you are unfamiliar with buying artisan cheese, please be aware that some of the products we send you will have a variety of molds growing on the rind. We find that these molds add character to the cheese in terms of looks, texture and taste. If you happen to be put off by the rind, simply don't eat it - enjoy the heart of the cheese or l'âme (the soul) as the French would say.

Weighed Items
If you've ordered a weighed item from us such as cheese or meat, please note that we hand-cut to your order and as a result there will often be some variation in weight - some pieces might be a bit under the weight you ordered and others might be a bit over - it tends to work out on balance.