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Folies Fromages – Guillaume and Lesgards - Blueberry with Wild Tyme for Cheddar

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Price: $5.95
Item Number: PAFolies05
Folies Fromages – Guillaume and Lesgards


Either eaten directly with cheese, on a crunchy baguette or on a fresh, hot slice of toast, the Folies Fromages of Guillaume and Lesgards are six recipes intended to add a different and original aspect to the way that you eat cheese. All six recipes are based on tradition, and rely on making the most of opposing, yet complementary flavors.  made by craftsmen in the Pyrénées.


Blueberry and wild thyme, t o accompany cows’ cheese and cheddar.


What could be more obvious than to accompany cows’ cheese, made with milk from the mountains, with blueberries, which grow in the same environment ? Wild thyme brings out the sharp taste of these cheeses.
$5.95 Each 120g - 4.23 oz

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